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An African, female-led virtual incubator.

Menesha is a hybrid mentorship, coaching, and entrepreneurship training virtual incubator.

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We are focused on training early and ideation stage start-ups, especially those with female leadership.

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We are highlighting women and men who are working on projects, in sectors, and businesses focused on improving the lives of women.

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September 2021

What We Do

At Menesha we cultivate and mature women-led and women-centered business solutions, transforming their ideas into innovative, marketable, and secure investment opportunities. We also work with incubators and accelerators to audit, improve, and supplement their training programs to improve start-up readiness for investment.

What We Envision

Our vision is to become the epicenter for entrepreneurial training and mentorship in East Africa. Menesha is also a safe space for women with bold ideas to innovate and build revolutionary products and businesses that will improve the lives of women. We provide mentorship, business education, market research training, and coaching to early stage companies. We aim to equip start-ups to enter the marketplace and to be investment ready.

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We leverage our connections and business expertise to equip and educate female-led businesses on how to secure funding and launch successfully. We also use our knowledge to help incubators and accelerators create stronger training programs and investment ready businesses.

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Hana Erkou

Hana Erkou is a female advocate whose career and education has been focused on how to bring equitable and quality healthcare to emerging markets in Africa. She is focused on building human connections and promotes the value and worthiness of female voices in the global fight to curb poverty. Education: BA University of Chicago, MS Brandeis Heller School of Social Policy, MBA Brandeis International Business School. 

Our Partners

Cydney Ross

Market Research and Branding Advisor

Nati Abebe

Senior Technical Advisor

Helen Gebremedhin

Account Manager

Manuel Pineda

Photography and Media Advisor


We are in the business of building high impact brands.


Hana has been an exceptional Orbit Innovation Hub Product Development Advisor and has been instrumental to OIH’s incubatees as they developed their startups. Hana has shown remarkable effort in mentoring and advising our startups to develop sound and implementable strategies with the level of meticulousness and fervor required from this line of work.